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Shotokan Karate Centre Amsterdam was founded in 1985, offering a place to practice karate for enthusiastic kids, teens and adults of all ages. We teach classes of young and old, men and women, beginners and advanced karatekas.
SKCA is the largest karate club in Amsterdam, with around 85 adults and 60 children and youth coming to practice every week. Children and adults have separate classes.

our club

Shotokan Karate Centrum Amsterdam
Tel. +31 20 - 618 23 42
You can find our Dojo's here.

The board

Hein Masseling, Chairman voorzitter@skca.org
Rianne Siebel, Treasurer penningmeester@skca.org
Verena Bitzer, leden@skca.org

Membership & contribution

If you wish to sign up for a trial month or the beginner's course, please pay the amount due to the treasurer (see below). At the end of the trial period you can choose to become a full member of SKCA by filling in the registration form by filling in the registration form (the money will be deducted from your bank account, unless otherwise indicated). As with any sport, practicing karate involves a (slight) chance of being injured. This is a risk not only for yourself but also for your training partners. For this reason you are required to have the necessary health insurance in order to become a member of SKCA.

Beginner's course

Beginner’s courses (at centrum and IJburg) start two times per year. For starting dates see the Dutch language page Beginnerscursus.


1 month unlimited training: € 20
Beginners' course 6 weeks: € 25
Annual contribution is from September till June, see Contributie


Grading examinations are held twice a year. While everyone is free to participate in these examinations, it is a great way for karatekas to have their progress recognised. Students are only tested on the techniques required for their belt grade. For lower (kyu) belts, grading usually takes place in mid-June and mid-December on a Saturday morning in the Montessori School in IJburg. The dan grading is held during our annual gasshuku (usually in June or July) with Richard Amos from the WTKO.
Club competitions for brown belts and lower take place annually in autumn and around the end of May. The points obtained are summed up and the winners can call themselves club champion for one year. In addition, karatekas can participate in the annual Agerbeek tournament. Participation in any competition is voluntary.

English or other languages

The language at IJburg is for the most part in Dutch, and a bit in English if its required.
The lessons in Centrum are mixed Dutch and English.
For this website the translation of the whole website or translation to other languages we  advice  to use the translate-button in the Google-Chrome browser (for example).
Don't hesitate to ask for more questions. Send an email to info@skca.org